• Boneyard, Bottle Topper, 2-Pack
  • Boneyard, Bottle Topper, 2-Pack

    Boneyard, Bottle Topper, 2-Pack

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      • Handy single handed flip top.
      • Help prevent spilling, staining and waste.
      • 2 sizes. 10ml & 30ml sizes.

      This innovative topper design transforms your popper bottle into a convenient one-handed, flip-top solution. Say goodbye to the hassle of fumbling with a slippery bottle using both hands! Previously, opening the bottle required two hands, and managing the detachable cap was a constant challenge. Additionally, screwing the cap back on was a task that demanded attention, all while you had more pressing matters to attend to.

      There is also a click sound that indicates to the user that the cap is closed so you can avoid spillage and odors which reduces the chance of ruining your sheets or clothing.

      Not totally spill proof and doesn't fit Double Scorpio bottles.


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