• Double Scorpio Super Rainbow Bundle, 5-Pack

Double Scorpio Super Rainbow Bundle, 5-Pack

  • Isobutyl Nitrite
  • Intensity
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      Double Scorpio Super Rainbow Bundle, 5-Pack Poppers

      5 unique styles in one super bundle.

      Double Scorpio take great pride in their meticulous production process. This Isobutyl Nitrite is carefully synthesised in small batches, ensuring optimal quality and potency. We go the extra mile by storing it in deep freeze conditions until the moment of shipment. This guarantees that the product you receive is fresh, potent, and consistently meets our high standards.

      What sets Double Scorpio apart from all other brands is their unique approach to product formulation. Prior to bottling, they neutralise the acid in their products. This not only minimises the risk of burns from accidental spills but also helps to keep headaches caused by vapours to a minimum. In fact, many customers report no headaches at all, thanks to the exceptional quality and purity of this range.

      Their ethos is in providing you with a premium product that delivers on its promises, every time.

      Gold contains isobutyl nitrite, n-butyl nitrite, tert-butyl nitrite, and fragrance.

      Pack Size
      Double Scorpio
      Isobutyl Nitrite (CAS 95 542-56-3)
      Store upright away from UV rays.


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